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Willow Drive South Suffolk Stud


2004 - Photo of Ballarat Butcher, John Harbour with a South Suffolk carcase.

John keenly buys any surplus lambs we have and is very keen on the South Suffolk.

John is quoted saying 'it has quality fine textured meat, with a minimum of fat'.       

John Harbour is known for his quality meats.




 Some of our past South Suffolk sheep 


Willow Drive SINBAD D5823 



Son of W.D Samson 

W.D O102 X WD Samson


Supreme South Suffolk Sheep Melbourne Royal 2005

Stamped his big stretchy correct frame on his progeny


AI from Sinbad is available




Willow Drive PABLO D7809


Pablo has left us with good quality progeny

W.D Charlie X W.D Polly 



Willow Drive SAMSON- G80/99  Reg No.D4348


W.D Samson- head study Melbourne Royal 2003

 Sire was Willow Drive DB98/97 Reg No.D1119 ( Troy Boy)

Dam was Willow Drive G44/96 (Lilly).    Dams Sire was Edyndale 89/94 Reg No.C0605 (Ralph)

Samson weighed over 140kg at the Melbourne Show in Sept 2003.

W.D Samson at Melbourne Royal 2003

A big tall stretchy Ram

Show success for Samson :

2004 Hamilton Sheepvention Champion South Suffolk Ram

2004 Australian Sheep & Wool Show Reserve Champion South Suffolk Ram (1st WD Guy)

2003 Holbrook Show (NSW) Champion South Suffolk Ram (5 Studs in attendance)

2003 Melbourne Royal - Reserve Champion South Suffolk Ram    1st in his class Ram over 1 1/2 years.

2003 Australian Sheep & Wool show - Reserve Champion South Suffolk Ram


Willow Drive AUSSIE - Y6-26/2006  Reg No.D9278

W.D Aussie was the matching of multi Champion W.D.O102, (his dam)

and sired by O.102's son W.D Sinbad (D5823).

In 2012 two of Aussie's progeny have so far been- 

Supreme South Suffolk sheep of the Australian Sheep & Wool Show (the ewe W.D OF 9(2011)

And the Champion South Suffolk Ram WF-26(2011) also at that show.


 Willow Drive MITCH  - WB17/2005  Reg No.D9280

AI is available from Mitch


Mitch placed well in all shows he attended

Mitch used over Willow Drive ewes 



Willow Drive GUY- P41/2002  Reg No.D5824


Pictured; W.D. Guy in 2004

W.D Guy's Sire was W.D OR 7 (Reg No D1996)

Dam was W.D W68/2000 - Dam's Sire was Edyndale 89/94 -Ralph- Reg No C605


W.D.Guy had limited use in our Stud for one year as a  young ram, before his untimely death in 2005.

He did exceptionally well at all Shows he attended, with Supreme shortwool sheep of the Warrnambool Show 2004,

being a highlight of his career.

Other wins include - 2004 Australian Sheep & Wool Show - Champion South Suffolk Ram

2004 Royal Melbourne Show - Champion South Suffolk Ram


Champion South Suffolk Group- Heytesbury 2003

Above; Ram- Willow Drive Charlie, Ewes- Willow Drive Sarah & Willow Drive Polly



In 1997 the Stud attended the Portland show.

Our young South Suffolk Group consisting of  - Ram -WD.B82/95(Garry)  Reg No.C658 -(on Right) / Ewe WD.G31/96 (Jemma)(far Left)  &  WD.B17/95.(middle)

The Group won the Champion INTERBREED Group of the Show.




Willow Drive - GARRY - B82/95 / Reg No C658

Garry was used  over our Ewes, producing some quality offspring.

Sire : Millswyn 586/89 Grant- (C489)

Dam - Nindethana 1059/91,         Sire of the Dam was-Teddywaddy 43/88 (C432)


WD Garry - Colac feature Show - 1996 -1st in the Ram under 1 1/2 yo


 Edyndale 89/94 - Reg No. C0605  -  RALPH

 Sire was Teddywaddy 178/90  (C494)

Dam Kameroo 32/88             - Sire of his Dam was Kameroo 30/82 (C101)

The Stud bought Ralph in October 1995, he was our senior sire until his death in 2002.

He is pictured above with his Champion Ram ribbon from the 1997 Heytesbury Show.

Ralph won the Champion or Reserve Champion Ram at Noorat/  Warrnambool/ Heytesbury/ Portland/ Tyrendarra & Colac Shows,  between 1995 -1997.

Ralph enjoyed his Showing days - Here pictured at the Melbourne Show


Millswyn 586/89 Reg No.C489  - GRANT

Grant was the first Ram the Stud bought to put over it's ewes, his first drop of lambs for Willow Drive was in 1994

Grant's Sire was Millswyn 258/83 Reg No.C180

Grant was out of Millswyn 447/84    - Sire of the Dam was - Millswyn 119/82  Reg No.C82





Willow Drive BAZZA  G8/96   Reg No. C657

Bazza's Sire was Edyndale 89/94 -  C605 - Ralph

Dam was Nindethana 1033/91 -     Dams Sire was Teddywaddy 43/88 - C432


Bazza has left some quality" meaty" South Suffolk progeny in the Stud





Willow Drive Wanda W9-199/2009

Untimly death in 2011, leaving two three week old ewe lambs

Dam W.D Wendy X W.D Yogi Bear

Wanda won many ribbons in her short life including -

Champion South Suffolk ewe at the Hamilton Sheepvention 2010

Champion Interbreed sheep of the Heytesbury show  2010

Champion shortwool sheep of the Warrnambool show 2009 & Supreme South Suffolk of the show

Champion South Suffolk ewe colac show 2009

Champion South Suffolk ewe & the Kameroo sash for the ewe bred by exhibitor Melboure Royal 2009


Willow Drive B102/07

Last daughter of Multi Champion Ewe W.D O.102/99 (x W.D Victor)

Tragic loss of B102 in 2009 after achieving Multi Champion wins.

Supreme South Suffolk sheep at Melbourne Royal 2008

Champion S.S ewe Hamilton Sheepvention 2008

Interbreed Champion sheep at the Black Faced Feature show - Warrnambool 2008


Willow Drive WA65/04 WENDY

Out of W.D Y41/99 X W.D Samson

Extremely long ewe

Champion South Suffolk ewe Aust Sheep & Wool Show/Bendigo 2007

Her daughter Blk 199/09-Wanda was Champion South Suffolk sheep Melbourne Royal 2010 & Supreme Champion Sheep Interbreed Warrnambool Show, Nov  2009

2012 the line still goes on, with WD Willow, daughter of WD Wanda having a successful show season. Champion interbreed ewe at the Warrnambool show Nov2012


Willow Drive R277/05 - ROSIE 

Out of W.D W46/2000 (from W.D Jemma) X W.D B7/99 D6841

Aboce picture - Supreme South Suffolk sheep Colac show 2006


Willow Drive B43/94 - DORA

Out of Nindethana 1052 X Millswyn 586/89 - Grant

Dora Won many Championships, pictured above with Ribbons from the Portland Show


Willow Drive JEMMA G31/96 

From Nindethana 1052 X Edyndale 89/94- Ralph

Jemma was a Multi Champion, also Winning the Best Hindquartered Sheep of the Heytesbury Show 3 times.


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