Willow Drive South Suffolk Sired lambs

Carcase Competition Results


November 2011 - Ballarat Carcase Competition 

Champion carcase of the competition (carcase in 22 -25kg section)

3rd placing on Hoof (in pen), the same lambs 2nd placing group lambs on Hook (22-25ks section)

we had lambs entered in other sections -out on specs - so no placings


October 2011  - GEELONG Carcase Competition

81 lamb enteries  in the competition ( Barry only entered lambs in the 16 -19.9 section)

Barry's 16 -19.9 kg section South Suffolk sired lambs.

Out of English Lester X 1st cross X South Suffolk ewes

First place win on Hoof and best pen of lambs on hoof in the 16 - 19.9 section

First place win on Hook & went on to win best pen of lambs over whole competition on Hook




November 2009  Ballarat Carcase Competition

36 Enteries of lambs in the competition, placings were available Live and on Hook 

Barry with On Hook judge from Penny & Lang Meat Wholesalers, Kyenton, Rob Mc Carthy,

presenting Barry with the Archibald AgregateTrophy for the Most Successful exhibitor for 2009 (score of 17- nearest to us was 8)

In front of the Champion group of Carcases of the competition.

Our South Suffolk Sired lambs from the 19-22kg section, winning with a score of 94 points (out of 100)

All lambs in the photo were entered by Barry & sired by our South Suffolk Rams

All 5 (group of 3) enteries were successful in the competition

Pictured with Barry is Ballarat Butcher & organiser of the Ballarat Carcase competition, John Harbour


Two enteries; Medium Weight lambs- 19-22kg section 3rd Placing Live (on Hoof)

Medium weight lambs on Hook were 1st ( lambs that placed 3rd on hoof) & 2nd place wins

The 1st place winner of the Medium weight section was awarded Champion Group of Carcases of the Competition with 94 Points

The 2nd place winner of the Medium weight section was awarded Reserve Champion Carcase of the Show with 93 Points

Two enteries; Heavy weight lambs-  22-25kg section, 1st & 2nd Placings Live (on Hoof

The 1st place getter was awarded Champion Pen of Live lambs (on Hoof) of the Competition

On Hook these lambs were awarded 1st & 2nd place wins

The 1st placegetter in the heavy weight section was also awarded joint Reserve Champion pen of lambs with our 19-22kg lambs


Barry pictured with all enteries except the 16-19kg lambs, which won a place live (on hoof)


Barry pictured with the Heavy weight lambs that were Champion Pen of live lambs & Reserve Champion Group of Carcases



October  2009  Geelong Carcase Competition

SECOND PLACE WIN - ON HOOK   16 -19.9 KG Section

English Lester/ Merino ewes - & sired by South Suffolk


FIRST PLACE WIN - Heytesbury Carcase Competition January 2009

All lambs sired by South Suffolk Rams

Above; Andrew Hays (Coles National Livestock Manager) presenting Barry with

the 1st Place ribbon for the pen of three 18-22kg lambs (Lightweights) on Hook.

This pen of lambs were judged 2nd placing live.

Second Placing on Hook in the 22.1 - 26kg section ( Heavy Weights) & 3rd placing live with these lambs

Second placing on Hook with our 26.1 -34kg (Super Heavy Weights) on Hook 


FIRST PLACE WIN - Ballarat Carcase Competition November 2008

All lambs sired by South Suffolks

Above picture - in front of the winning lightweight pen of three lambs,

Barry with John Harbour with the Archibald Agregate Trophy for the Most Successful Exhibitor

with an overall seven winning places in the competition

Reserve Champion on Hoof Carcases - judged over all on hoof groups of lambs 

Reserve Champion on Hook Carcases - judged over all on hook groups of lambs

Above lambs 16-19kg Light weight section 1st Place Win on Hoof & on Hook


1st Place Win on Hoof & 3rd placing on Hook with the same lambs 19-22kg section, Medium weights.

Above - Barry with medium weight winning lambs


2nd place Win on Hoof & on Hook with the same lambs 22-25kg section, heavy weight section

3rd place Win with another pen of 3 lambs in this section on Hook

Above - Barry with the 2nd place winning carcases in the heavy weight section ( winning on hoof & on hook)



2nd place Win with 5 Heavy weight lambs - Geelong Carcase Competition October 2008



FIRST PLACE WIN - Heytesbury Show Carcase Competition January 2008

Willow Drive placed FIRST in the 22 to 26 kg section

Sired by Willow Drive South Suffolk rams with  South Suffolk/E.Lester/Merino ewes

Colac CRF(Colac Otway) P/Ltd reps awarding Barry with the sash for the Heytesbury Carcase Competition Win.



FIRST PLACE WIN - Colac Show Carcase Competition November 2007

Willow Drive placed FIRST in the 18 to 22 kg section

Sired by Willow Drive South Suffolk rams with English Lester/ Merino dam,

the 18.4 kg lamb had a wholesale yield of 93.1 % and a wholesale value of 490.2 cents. 


Pictured;   Barry with carcase competition reps -  November 2007



Willow Drive Won the 16-22 kg section of the Geelong Carcase competition  October 2006

Three 16-22kg lambs sired by South Suffolk rams X English Lester/Merino ewes

 were awarded First Place on Hoof AND on Hook,

 making history at the carcase competition as no one has ever before won both these using the same lambs.


Barry with the 2006 Geelong competition winning carcass'es

Geelong 2006 winning carcases 16-22kg class  - Won on hoof AND on hook


South Suffolk sired x English Lester/Merino lambs

- this is the remainder of the lambs the winning carcass'es were taken from. Nov 2006



Above picture- 3rd place carcases from the 2005 Ballarat Carcase Competition, 19 -22kg range,

with a score 80 points (lost 8points for not being in the weight range! but still got third placing).

 South Suffolk sired English Lester/Merino ewes.



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