September 2019

Willow Drive stud is now situated at Grassmere, near Warrnambool in Victoria.

Flock rams are available for purchase.

The stud is attending major shows & local area shows.

stud just home from Melbourne Royal 

photos can be seen of this show on our Face Book page

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November 2017

Willow Drive attended the Australian Sheep & Wool show (Bendigo), Hamilton Sheepvention and Melbourne Royal.

Local shows are also being supported by Willow Drive.

Photos can be seen on our Face Book page


November 2017

Current Flock rams are about sold out for Willow Drive for this season, due to our downsizing & relocating to a smaller acreage.

Flock rams may still be available from other South Suffolk breeders who purchased stud ewes at our reduction sale.

Contact Barry on 0427 202 862

Updated February 2017 

Willow Drive is now at residence at

98 Grassmere Hexham Road, Grassmere, Vic 3281 

Phone No. 0427 202 862

No landline or fax

E-mail - wdssstud@gmail.com


A Major Stud reduction was held 27th April 2016


Recent Success's 

Updated  November 30  2015

Our Ram lamb Wins major award (Noorat show)

the ram lamb  W.D W/B5-98 achieved Supreme Interbreed sheep of show

he was champion S.S lamb - then awarded champion interbreed lamb of show

then awarded champion interbreed Ram of show

then awarded Supreme Interbreed sheep of the show

he's pictured below winning champion interbreed Ram of the show 

W/B5-98 was sired by Willow Drive 'Pete' 

All photos below courtesy Wayne Jenkins

Melbourne Royal Show September 2015

Supreme South Suffolk of the Show  -  Willow Drive R4.131

Champion South Suffolk Ram  - Willow Drive Tommy Reg No. F7432 (WJ100/2013)

Reserve ram went to Billabong High School

Champion South Suffolk Ewe - Willow Drive R4 131 /2014

Reserve Champion South Suffolk Ewe - Willow Drive R4 92/2014

Willow Drive again won the Kameroo Sash and awarded a trophy - 

(must be won 3 years in succession to receive this) for Ewe bred by the exhibitor  - R4.131 /2014

1st placing GROUP of 3 with the ram Tommy & R4.131 & R4.97

other Ram placing's include - Ram under 1 1/2 y.o shorn 1st YK.89/14 (101kg) & 2nd YK.67/14 (107kg)  

Ram under 1 1/2 in wool 1st YK.161 (99kg).  Pen of 2 Rams 1st YK.31  & YK.27

2nd in Objective measurement class  -with the younger (than the one who won, an older ram 108points ) ram YK89  (107 points)

other Ewe placing's include - Ewe under 1 1/2 shorn - 1st R4.131  & 2nd R4.67

Ewe 1 1/2 in wool - 1st R4.67                      pair of ewes - 2nd  R4.94  & R4.23 

Willow Drive also won the sires progeny group and the breeders group of 3 sheep 

Hamilton Sheepvention Aug 2015

photos courtesy Wayne Jenkins

Champion South Suffolk Ram at Hamilton Sheepvention 2015
Willow Drive Tommy RegNo. F7432 (WJ100/2013) from the show ewe W.D Willow(Gg81), sired by W.D Tye


Champion South Suffolk Ewe at Hamilton Sheepvention 2015
Willow Drive R4-131/2014 from W.D OF128(shown) sired by W.D Tully RegNo.F5518 (W.D Tye line)


Australian Sheep & Wool show- Bendigo July 2015


Champion South Suffolk Ram Willow Drive WK89/2014  sired by W.D Tully Reg.F5518

Champion South Suffolk Ewe - Willow Drive R4-67/2014  sired by W.D Artie Reg.65000

2014 local show - Camperdown - 5 sheep breeds in attendance

Champion interbreed Ram - Willow Drive WJ100

Champion Interbreed ewe was  - Willow Drive G150 (no pic available)


2014 Australian Sheep & Wool Show (Bendigo) - 2 South Suffolk studs in attendance

Champion South Suffolk Ram - Willow Drive WJ100/2013

Champion South Suffolk Ewe - Willow Drive G150/2011

2014 Hamilton Sheepvention

Champion South Suffolk Ram - Willow Drive WJ60/2013

Reserve Champion South Suffolk Ram - WJ100/2013

Champion South Suffolk ewe - Willow Drive G150/2011

Reserve Champion South Suffolk ewe - YJ13/2013

2014 Melbourne Royal - 2 studs in attendance

Champion South Suffolk Ram and Supreme South Suffolk sheep - Willow Drive WJ100/2013

Willow Drive WJ100/2013 also won his class in the ASSBA (British Breeds) class -ram under 1 1/2 in wool

The Willow Drive ewe G150/2011 won the Kameroo trophy for Ewe bred by the exhibitor


Willow Drive attended the Geelong Royal Oct 2013 / Warrnambool Oct 2013/ Noorat Show Nov 2013

Ballarat Show Nov2013- won interbreed champion lamb of show with the ram lamb- W.D J.60

Ballarat Show Nov2013 -Carcase competition - 1st place heavyweights on hook  /   3rd placing live - medium weights 

Willow Drive attended  / Heytesbury Show March 2014 


Camperdown (Vic) show October 2013 (our local show)


Champion interbreed ram WD P50/1012 (WD G6.273xWD Tex)


The ram P50/2012 at Camperdown show judging

 Our South Suffolk ewe line up at Camperdown

1st WD PH56/12  2nd WD PH79/12  3rd WD PH131/12 

 -1st placegetter PH56 was Champion interbreed ewe of show

with judge Colin Taylor-handlers; Suzanne Holmes, Jaiden Bridge & Jack Holmes

The ewe WD Willow with lambs at foot 1st place in ewe with lambs at foot  


2013 Melbourne Royal

Champion S.S Ram  W.D PH24

Champion Ram- WD PH24/2012   (WD BK15 X WD Archie)


 Champion  S.S ewe and Supreme South Suffolk sheep of show  - WD PH56/2012  (WD OF128 X WD Tye)



2013 Bendigo- Sheep & Wool show

Champion South Suffolk ram - WD YG 54/ 2011

Champion south Suffolk ewe - WD PH 79/2012


Geelong/ Tyrendarra/ Heytesbury & Warrnambool shows were attended 2012 & early 2013

 Ram W.D WF167 was the Supreme sheep (over all breeds) at the Warrnambool show Oct 2012 

our ewe W.D Willow was Champion South Suffolk ewe at Warrnambool Oct 2012

Heytesbury show- best hind quartered sheep of show- the ewe WD OF 31 & won interbreed group of show


Australian Sheep & Wool Show- Bendigo July 2012


Supreme South Suffolk sheep of the show

2011 born ewe W.D OF-9  (sired by W.D Aussie)

Also Champion S.S ewe & in pair of ewes (1st) & in group (2nd placing)


Champion South Suffolk Ram

WF-26 (now WF266)(sired by W.D Aussie) shown here with his 1st placing in his shorn ram class


Reserve champion South Suffolk ewe

W.D OF-4 /2010 (sire W.DArchie)   Also won Kameroo sash for ewe bred by the exhibitor


Geelong Show October 2011

Carcase competition WIN - see Carcase Comp. page for info


Champion South Suffolk Ram

W.D Pete ( pic in interbreed line up)

Champion Ewe W9-261

Group - Ewe-OF-4  Ewe-OF172  Ram- WF-167


Melbourne Royal show September 2011

Two South Suffolk Studs attended the show

Champion South Suffolk Ram & Supreme South Suffolk sheep - W.D WF72/2010

Champion South Suffolk ewe W.D OF175/2010 also won the Kameroo sash for ewe bred by exhibitor


Hamilton Sheepvention August 2011

Champion S.S Ram - W.D Pete


Reserve Champion Ram  - W.D WF-72/2010 (sired by W.D Mario)

Champion Ewe W.D OF-175/2010  -(sired by W.D Sammy)


 The Reserve Champion Ewe W.D OF- 4/2010 (sired by W.D Archie)

no pic available- is pictured below at the Aust Sheep & Wool show


Australian sheep & Wool Show (Bendigo) July 2011 

Champion South Suffolk Ram - W.D Pete (Y9-16/2009) Reg;F5334


above write up -Warrnambool Standard July 23


Reserve Ch S.S Ram  W.D -WF-41/2010

(also pictured below with dam at Melb Royal 2010) 

Champion South Suffolk Ewe - Willow Drive bred Ewe owned by  Mt Austin High School (NSW)

Reserve Ch Ewe W.D OF-4/2010 (sire WD Archie)


Mt Austin High School won the Interbreed (British Breeds) Group

with their Ram & twin ewes (twins bought off Willow Drive Stud as lambs at foot)

Congratulations Mt Austin High School, well done.


Warrnambool Show Oct 29th 2010

Champion Interbreed Ewe  of the show- Above-   

Willow Drive B90/07( 2010 ewe lamb at foot OF68xWDMario).

Champion South Suffolk Ram W.D Tye


Melbourne Royal 2010

Photos by Wayne Jenkins

WD Y9-16 (Pete) Supreme South Suffolk sheep of the show


WD B91/07 Reserve Champion Ewe INTERBREED Section of show

- B91;  dam WD WA102/04 (xWD Max) sire - WD Buz 

Her Ram lamb pictured is by WD Mackie


Champion Ewe in South Suffolk judging WD B91

Reserve Champion Ewe WD W9-146/09

Kameroo sash for ewe bred by the exibitor WD W9-146/09

Willow Drive's group was 3rd in the Interbreed lineup; WD Y9-16/ WD W9-146/ B91


Hamilton Sheepvention Aug. 2010

Photos by Wayne Jenkins

Champion South Suffolk Ram W.D Tye


Reserve Champion South Suffolk Ram   W.D Y9-16 (Pete)


Champion South Suffolk Ewe  W.D Wanda


Reserve Champion South Suffolk Ewe  W.D W9-146 ( Sired by W.D Sam D9283)


Australian Sheep & Wool Show- Bendigo -  July 2010

Our young 2009 Ram lamb, Y9-16 Pete - Supreme South Suffolk sheep of the Show

Weighing 110 kg

Champion Ram W.D  Y9-16

Reserve Champion Ram W.D Tye

Champion Ewe W.D W9-146

Reserve Champion Ewe-  Won by Mt Austin High School with a ewe which AI from W.D Sinbad was used.

Group of 3 Y9-16, W9-146 & W9-6


Ballarat Show Carcase Competition Win - Nov 18th 2009

Above;  Wins in all sections- Live & on Hook.          All lambs above are our enteries.

Champion group of Carcases on Hook (19-22kg section)

Champion pen of live lambs (22-25kg section)

Equal place Reserve on Hook  19-22kg section AND  22-25kg section

Most Successful exhibitor


Carcase Competition Win October 2009

Second Place Win 16 -19.9 Kg section on Hook

Geelong Carcase competition


Warrnambool Show Oct 31st 2009

W.D Blk199/08  Supreme Sheep of Show (short & Long wool)

Champion Shortwool sheep of Show

Above photo of W.D Blk199 taken at Melbourne Royal


Willow Drive South Suffolk sheep were Champion Interbreed Group

W.D B14/07(Ram) WD Blk199 & WD Blk78


Geelong Show results October 2009

Above Geelong 09 Champion South Suffolk Ram W.D Tye

Reserve W.D B14/08( now Reg B274/08 Mario -F2455)

Champion South Suffolk Ewe W.D Blk78  Reserve W.D Blk199 -both born 2008

Winning South Suffolk group, being shown here in Interbreed section

Ram- W.D B14 / Blk78 /Blk199


Champion & Reserve Champion South Suffolk lambs

Champion lamb - W.D Y9-16 (Pete) (W.D O34/2 X W.D Pablo)

Reserve Ch lamb - W.D W9-6 (W.D R122 X W.D Dexter)


Melbourne Royal September 2009

Champion S.S Ram W.D B204/08 

Reserve Champion S.S Ram ; W.D B87/08

above; W.D B87/08 (Now Reg B287/08 Steffan F2457) (W.D OA2/02 X W.D Sam -D9283)

This was his first showing, just out of the paddock with the rest of the flock rams!

(picture taken 1st Oct, he's just about to be shorn, not in his show coat)


S.S Ram over 1 1/2 y.o  1st W.D Tye - F1476

Tye also placed in the interbreed shortwool section, winning second place

above; W.D Tye pictured with his ribbon from interbreed section 


above; W.D B10/08 ( W.D P63/01 X W.D Archie -F43)

B10 was 2nd in his class


W.D B14/08( Now RegB274/08 Mario F2455)    3rd in his class



Champion S.S Ewe & winner of the Kameroo Sash for Ewe bred by the exhibitor

W.D Blk199/08 (Wanda)

W.D Blk199 pictured above with the Kameroo Sash & Champion Ewe Rosette

Blk199 placed 3rd in the interbreed section


W.D Blk 199- Wanda - Champion S.S ewe & W.D B89/07- Reserve Champion S.S ewe

W.D B89/07 receiving the Reserve Champion ribbon from the judge.

B89 also placed 3rd in the interbreed section



Australian Sheep & Wool Show, Bendigo 2009

W.D B7-14/2008 (now B274/08 Mario) Champion S.S Ram


The Ewe W.D Blk 78/2008 - Supreme South Suffolk Sheep of show


Hamilton Sheepvention 2009

W.D B7-10/2008  Champion S.S Ram

W.D Blk 78/2008 Champion S.S Ewe


Tyrendarra Feb 2009

W.D Blk 78 was;

Champion Interbreed Ewe & Champion Interbreed Lamb of show


Heytesbury Feb 2009 

Champion Lamb of Show - ewe lamb W.D Blk78

Above W.D TYE W7-78/07 (1st showing) Reserve Champion Interbreed Ram of Show 

Sire- W.D Tex.    Dam - W.D WA118/04 (X W.D Sinbad)


Noorat Nov 2008

Interbreed  Best lamb of Show with W.D Blk78

Above Ewe was runner up in the Champion Interbreed Ewe of show also

Black 78 above  goes back to;

 W.D Gemma on her dams side & her sire is W.D Aussie -O102/98 ewe line


Ballarat Spring Show

Interbreed - Group with W.D W7-04/ W.D B102/ W.D B75

Carcase Comp Wins at Ballarat Spring Show (see Carcase Comp Page)


Warrnambool  Oct 2008

Interbreed - Champion Black Face Feature Ewe of Show with W.D B102


Geelong Oct 2008

Interbreed  Ram Lamb W.D B7-75  Reserve Champion Lamb

Second in the Geelong Carcase competition in Heavyweight section


Melbourne Royal Show September 2008

Willow Drive Stud was Most successful South Suffolk exhibitor at the Show. Two breeders attending.

W.D B102/07 ( above pic) achieved in Interbreed British Breed section First Placing in the under 1 1/2 y.o Ewe Section 

She Also Won Supreme South Suffolk of the Show

She Won the prestegious Kameroo Sash for Ewe bred by the exhibitor

& Champion South Suffolk Ewe 

B102 is the last lamb of our wonderful Multi Champion ewe W.D O.102/98 ,

see photos of her dam & sire on the ewe page of our website


W.D Archie/ W.D W7-103  & W.D W-129  all placed 3rd in the Interbreed British Breed Section

Above W.D Archie  Melbourne Royal 2008


Champion S.S Ram  - W.D Archie

Reserve Champion S.S Ram - W.D W7-103

Reserve Champion S.S Ewe  W.D B90/07

Above W.D W7-103 Melbourne Royal 2008


Hamilton Sheepvention August 2008

Champion South Suffolk Ewe  Willow Drive B 102/07 (photo courtesy Wayne Jenkins)

Champion S.S Ram  W.D Archie


Australian Sheep & Wool Show (Bendigo)  July 2008

Two breeders attending

Supreme South Suffolk & Champion S.S Ewe of Show 

Willow Drive G10/06 

(Photo courtesy Wayne Jenkins)


Champion S.S Ram  Willow Drive Archie  (Photo courtesy Wayne Jenkins)



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